Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Are you interested in bringing one of the hottest Multi-Media Theater Productions to your community? Interested in cutting edge and thought provoking poetry? How about arts education workshops or organizational consultation for events or campaigns? A motivational speaker? Kilusan Productions is open for booking!

Kilusan Production provides high level services in:

1) Cultural Productions: theater, poetry, community fund raisers, cultural showcases etc.

Universal Self is an original solo Theater Production. Written and performed by Kilusan Bautista. Special artistic direction & dance choreography by Lia Mcpherson and Kairi Bautista.

Universal Self premiered in June of 2010 in the Bronx, NY. Kilusan has toured with Universal Self on an international level, bringing together over 16,000 audiences through a thought provoking production. Universal Self is a coming of age collection of personal narrative stories that takes place in the Bay Area, CA during the 80’s/90’s and explore racial identity in a global society.  The purpose of Universal Self is to build cross cultural unity and empowerment through the performance arts.

2) Education (Universal Self): Arts education workshops designed for personal, political and cultural empowerment/healing.

Theater, poetry and personal development workshops geared towards youth and young adults. Kilusan Bautista facilitates highly interactive and physical workshop to bring out the creative spirits in us all. After 14 years working as an educator from California to New York City, Kilusan offers a unique arts education opportunity to participants who seek to know more about themselves. Workshop contents are based out of the themes from Universal Filipino: Immigration; the effects of drug addiction in the community; gangs; spirituality; and political education. The goal for each participant is to walk away with an individual or group artistic representation based out of the workshops given theme. Workshops can range from 1-hour minimum to 2-hour maximum sessions.

Sample workshop structure includes: icebreakers; short performance by facilitator; discussion on the contents of the performance; theater or poetry activity; group presentations.

3) Movement: consulting services for educators, non profit organizations, social networking conferences, motivational speeches.

For booking or inquiries please contact:
Kilusan Bautista

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