Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paying Duez... Brooklyn chapter 2

I've worn out 8 pairs of shoes
since I moved to NYC in August 2008

I've lost 30 pounds
but gained a renewed love for walking

Mother Mary has protected me
during my drunken hours
and altercations with masculinity

I've learnt how to absorb negative remarks
and process personal insecurities
while staying productive in the spirit of survival

Through the frustrations of getting lost in the "Big City"
I've taught myself basic directions
and surprisingly, I've been called on as a guide
for friends and family
from California to Mexico, even native born New Yorkers
who rarely travel outside their borough

I've become friends with humility
by silencing my ego's desire just to be seen,
for how could I fly in a new land
without learning how to walk

And through walking,
I've allowed the streets to be my classroom
Thus fulfilling my role as an expressionist
who is in touch with the people's spirit

I haven't allowed the rampant disregard for humanity
to blind my genuine kindness
but there is a time and place for everything
and I have made my mistakes

I've learnt how to continue my journey,
a journey that believes in the deepest principles of love.

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