Monday, August 30, 2010

Article in Asian Week...Shout out to 8th Wonder!!!!

8th wonder’s first 
collective word spray took place four years ago at 
Bindlestiff Studio, the epicenter of Filipino American 
art. Although the original intention (in 2000) of 
bringing four upcoming Pinay and four Pinoy wordsmiths 
together was supposed to be for only one weekend 
showcase and CD project, it was an insoluble chemistry 
of next-gen energies and ancestral magic combined. 
Ranging between the ages of 24-30, these seven 
individual artists have backgrounds in theatrical, 
musical, film, slam poetry, academic, and political 
realms. Eclectic in styles and perspectives any given 
8th wonder show promises the sensuality, genuineness, 
rebellion and promise of their time. Much like the 
carved majesty of the Banaue Rice Terraces of the 
Philippines of which they have been named after, 8th 
wonder performance poetry collective identifies the 
bayanihan spirit of their Filipino community as the 
main source of fuel as their career extends farther 
than expected. Having traveled to Chicago, Seattle, 
Los Angeles, San Deigo, New York, Ohio, Hawaii and the 
Philippines painting wordscapes, 8th wonder has also 
been featured on STIR TV, Filipinas Magazine, 
AsianWeek, KMEL, KPFA (bay area), and KPFK (los 

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