Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kilusan Productions: Curriculum

Curriculum based on the themes of

 “Universal Filipino” – A Hip Hop theater production.


1)   Drug addiction & its effects on children (Domestic violence & child abuse)


2)   Crime, violence & gangs (What are the consequences & roots of disenfranchisement)


3)   Identity politics:  Immigrants vs. 2nd generation children; General generation gaps)


4)   Religion & Spirituality


5)   Dreams & Nightmares


6)   Know History. Know Self:  Filipino American Studies 101


7)   Hip Hop Theater


8)   Youth & Empowerment:  Being a warrior in the 21st century


9)   Where you from?  How our neighborhood/city influence our adolescence?





The purpose of the Kilusan Production Curriculum is for youth and young adults to develop self-realization/self empowerment; to understand how to fight for their human rights; and to be artistic “creators” of their lives/futures! The Kilusan Production Curriculum will help youth and young adults in the areas of personal development; community organizing; performance techniques; and global consciousness


Skills Development:


Writing skills:

-       Poetry

-       Playwriting

-       Storytelling

-       Journal Writing

-       Speeches

-       Academic Essays


Reading skills:

- Inferences

- Visualization

- Making connections: text to self; text to world

- Asking questions

- Making predictions


Critical Thinking Skills

-       Communication/ Public Speaking

-       Discussion

-       Team Work

-       Listening

-       Empathizing

-       Civil Debate

-       Self Reflection


Performance Skills

-       Theater

-       Spoken Word Poetry

-       Interpretive Movement


Community Organizing Skills

-       Petitioning

-       Survey’s

-       Service Learning

-       Events Planning

-       Political Campaigning



Sample Lesson Plan:


Materials Needed:  Boom Box; Chart Paper; Markers; Loose Leaf; Laptop; Projector; Chart Stand.


1)   Class discussion to establish community agreements

2)   Introduction/ Goals

3)   Brainstorm prior knowledge of workshop theme

4)   Performance

5)   Discussion on themes of Performance

6)   Group Activity

7)   Individual student work

8)   Community Sharing




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  1. this is dope! we gotta be in touch about this -- any student who is lucky enough to be in your class will leave a changed person, a more conscious being. much love and respect, and i'm not sure if you're looking for classrooms to work in or if you're booked, but i'd love to have you in mine! not sure if we can afford you, tho!