Thursday, September 9, 2010

Universal Filipino - Press Release (Fall 2010)

On June 18th & 20th, 2010, at the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective, Bronx, NY, audiences experienced the World Premiere of a Hip Hop Theater Production entitled, “UNIVERSAL FILIPINO”.  Written, Co-produced and performed by Kilusan Bautista, a Bay Area, CA raised and New York City based performance artist.  Co-Produced/Co-Directed by Yuisa Davila; Movement Direction by Lia McPherson; Sound Design by DJ Soulcrates and a special visual arts exhibition by Bianca Monet aka Araya.


“UNIVERSAL FILIPINO” cultivates the artistic aesthetics of Hip Hop Theater, Spoken Word Poetry, Emceeing and Interpretive Movement to offer a creative and cutting edge presentation.  There is a battle underway deep within our minds and souls.  “UNIVERSAL FILIPINO” is a new solo Hip Hop Theater production that brings to life the internal battles for Americanized children of immigrant parents.  During his youth, Kilusan is haunted by a historic hater who wishes to destroy his self-esteem by influencing him into a helpless, violent and psychologically troubled state of existence.  Malakas is an ancestral guardian spirit who exists to guide Kilusan in remembering his true self worth and connection to his people.  It is now up to Kilusan to make the right choices as a youth of color in urban, working class America.  Shall he fall victim to the statistics of growing up in a “high risk” environment, polluted with drugs, violence and crime?  Or shall Kilusan find his Destiny and live a life that possesses knowledge of self? 


Set within the 1980’s and 1990’s, Bay Area, CA,  “UNIVERSAL FILIPINO” will take audiences on a journey of struggle and redemption.  The challenge for youth of color in America is not just black and white.  The stories for Americanized, so called “2nd generation”, children of immigrant parents are continuing to surface as a reminder of the need to balance, validate and make sense of all the cultural world’s represented in one’s identity.  Are you ready to experience a thought provoking, ‘Edu-tainment’ reality that brings you closer to the universal family living room?  


If you are interested in booking "Universal Filipino" please contact Kilusan Bautista  via email at  We have a 30 minute excerpt and the full length production of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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