Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shout out to Jerry Macalino aka Da Mac Shoe Maker

When I received 1st runner up for the 2010 Mr. Hyphen awards, I was wearing some amazing new kicks, custom made by Jerry Marcalino aka Da Mac Shoe Maker. I wore these shoes during the performance portion of Mr. Hyphen 2010 (a contest organized by Hyphen Magazine to honor Asian, Pacific American men involved in the community).

These shoes will be worn throughout the 2011 national tour of my new solo hip hop theater production entitled, "Universal Filipino." The theme of my shoes embodies the core message of my production: UNITY! On the outside, you see East Coast and West Coast....and on the inside, you see Universal and Filipino! I shared with Jerry my idea and he tapped into his creative genius to design the shoes that will bless all of my performances of "Universal Filipino" in 2011!!!

I look forward to more collaborations with Jerry Macalino aka Da Mac Shoe Maker. A special shout out goes to Catherine Mercedes Judge for linking two brothaz from anotha mutha!!!!

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