Monday, January 24, 2011

Flipzoids: Theater Review

Last Wednesday, Jan 19th, 2011, I had the honor of attending a great off-Broadway theater production entitled, Flipzoids, near Times Square in New York City. Written by Ralph B. Pena and produced by Ma Yi Theater Company, the premier Asian American Theater Company in NYC.

I was automatically drawn into Flipzoids based on the set design. I’ve never seen a show that had beach sand as the main performance space. Also, the backdrop included a wall filled with names of distinguished Filipino/Filipino American writers. The main character, Aying, played by Ching Valdes-Aran, touched my heart with her imaginative storytelling and her dramatic struggles of being a Filipino immigrant in Los Angeles, Ca. Flipzoids includes 3 core characters: a nurse, an elderly mother and a confused teenager. Through the dialog between these characters, audience members were able to explore the important subject of generation gaps within immigrant communities in America.

There is something for everyone in Flipzoids. I highly recommend a night to watch this amazing show that reminds the 21st century of theaters subtle yet powerful magic!

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