Monday, July 11, 2011

Rudy Corpuz mentioned in Financial Times!

Rudy Corpuz, founder of the United Playaz (a national violence prevention organization), was mentioned in the Financial Times. Sponsored by Google Ideas,Rudy attended an international summit against violent extremism in Dublin, Ireland. It's exciting times to witness multinational corporations exchanging ideas with individuals, groups and organizations that are dedicated to social justice work such as the United Playaz. The work of saving our world begins when all sectors of society intersect with the intention of developing pro-active solutions towards the problems of poverty and corruption. Everyday people, armed with technology and the vindication to bring about change in this world are an unstoppable force! We are seeing it in the Middle East, North Africa and throughout the rest of the world. Be prepared to see more long-standing collaborations between multinational corporations, governments and the mass public.

Click here to read the article where Rudy Corpuz was mentioned in the Financial Times.

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