Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rest in Paradise Kuya E.

Today you will be buried in the earth.

Your body will be one with the peace of the land

that our Manongs worked for us all to one day be free...

I want to thank you for simply being you!

You were a light in the darkness,

You were a home for the lost and homeless,

You were SOMA and you loved your people dearly!

Beneath your stern face and tall body,

you possessed the heart of a nurturing bear

with angelic eyes that were always smiling.

When you opened your mouth to speak

only words of love or encouragement were heard.

I love you for that because that is how I want to live!

You are an example of the true spirit of Bay Area Pin@y's

filled with unconditional community/family love.

I am grateful to have known you Kuya E.

May God bless your soul in the after life and forever.

We will meet again brethren.

Safe journey's brotha angel......


Jeremy Kilusan Bautista

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