Friday, September 28, 2012

Legacy of Bataan - Reflection

It was a sincere honor to use the performance arts as a means to give back to Filipino WWII Veterans who are still fighting for justice in America!  I traveled from New York City all the way to the San Francisco, Bay Area, CA in order to stand in solidarity with a special event entitled "Legacy of Bataan."  So much history was filling the room as the event was held at the historic Manilatown Heritage Foundation, the former location of the I-Hotel.  

Philippine playwright Cecilia Gaerlan wrote, "Kilusan Bautista is a fantastic performer and wonderful writer who has been featured all over the United States and abroad.  I met him last year in June during the annual convention of the Filipino American National historical Society in New Mexico when he performed a scene from "In Her Mother's Image" during my Bataan Legacy presentation.  I was quite impressed by his one-man-show "Universal Self" which he presented in New Mexico.  Since then, we have been collaborating on a one-man-show entitled "Breach of Faith - The Men of Bataan" which had a preview at Manilatown on September 21, 2012.  The play is based on interviews with World War II veterans from Bataan as well as research.  Here's a film clip of the Sept. 21 reading:....."

I want to thank all of my community sponsors for making this trip to California a reality: Sgt. Ariel Bautista; Priscilla Bautista; Rowena & Steve Harris; Catherine Mercedes Judge; Amalia & Hector Palada

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