Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Audience comments - The One Festival

Universal Self at The One Festival. Teatro LATEA. 107 Suffolk St., NYC

April 11th, 2013:

"Yeah, we were at the One Festival seeing my brotha Kilusan Bautista do his one man show. Check him out, he's brilliant!.......again, loved the work last night, roots! Excellent!!!!!!!!! more bless." -Joshua Bee Alafia, Filmmaker, Brooklyn.

"You are such a talented brother!" - Dale Mitchell, "I met someone!" (Los Angeles).

"Kilusan! It was a pleasure seeing "Universal Self" last week! It was truly a beautiful piece & an absolute eye-opener. You are an inspiration! Thank you for that!" - Jessica Abejar, Chapel of San Lorenzo Ruiz, NYC.

"Hey brother, thank you so much for the show!  I'm so glad I came. You're a wonderful performer and I loved getting to know your story.  Thank you!"  - RJ Maccani, The Foundry Theater

"Kilusan! Thanks so much for inviting me to see your work yesterday. I was moved on many levels by it.  Including all the 90's Bay Area Hip Hop! It took me back!" - Jesse Ehrensaft-hawley, The Foundry Theater 

"Awesome show tonight, my brother. I was very moved and uplifted. So much of your story resonated with me. Keep going and keep creating. Tayo'y mga mandirigma!" - Ruben Austria, Community Connections for youth, Inc. Bronx

"Thank you!! We had a great time and we were very much amazed by your performance and so proud of the story you portrayed.  Truly, you embodied the bayanihan spirit within you and we're proud to have witnessed that." - Harold Howie Clavite, Gawad Kalinga USA

April 6th, 2013:

"You were AMAZING! You got this! Thank you for inviting us to your show. I am in total awe! Let's get together for lunch soon. God bless! Xoxo" - Cil Shaw-Brewer

"Always leave me Inspired!!! Last nights performance was so powerful. You are the ONE Kilusan Bautista!"  - Amelia Frank, Director of The United Playaz of NY

"The Spoken Word of Kilusan Bautista
Inspirational and Moving
My Bro Kilusan!!!"
- Joyce Wong, Community Organizer in The Bronx

April 5th, 2013:

""What's your type?"  I don't really have one, I like who I like for different reasons. Tonight my type was a talented short Filipino who break dances, salsa dances and does martial arts while telling a very personal story.  Talented, that's definitely my type....... Kilusan, you did your thing honey! Much love for you. I'll def let my Pinoy friends know about catching the show; I already told my dentist this morning."  - Suzette Banzo, Actress & model

"Awesome performance!!!!  Last night was awesome, and your energy beautiful! It was truly a pleasure!! As well as a responsibility we have to support our brothers and sisters in all their endeavors! You have a fan a friend and a sister here, feel free to reach out for whatever!!!Regards sent! Peace and Blessings!!" - Lauren Montoute-Cortez, Queens.

April 2, 2013:

"It is with great pride that I attend your performances. I am always left overwhelmed with emotion and anxiety for the positive feedback that will be sent your way for your work. I feel Universal Self is becoming such a wonderful tool for you to process your own growth in front of the world while sharing your knowledge and political stances in many contexts. Whether it is Hip Hop or Martial Arts, you are so precise with your movement and dialogue. I am impressed, yet again, and hope to see more progress with this stellar script and phenomenal theatrical display. As always, you have my support and encouragement to keep pushin! Stay focused on displaying the mastery of this adaptation of Universal Self, as you did this evening, for the rest of this run and this competition is yours. I am so proud of you." --Carlos Iro Burgos, Artist & Educator at CUNY NCC.

"Artist and humanitarian Kilusan Bautista just finished his performance. He takes theatre, spoken word, martial arts, hip hop and music to a totally different level. Great show!" - Aurora Jonez, Radio Host (The Living Life Aurora Show).

"It was an honor to watch you "kilos" on that stage and tell your story, well done!!! Pleasure to have met you this evening, looking forward to building more in the future. Glad to know that Davon was blessed to have received you as his mentor as you've set a solid path for our youth to follow. Keep up the great work. Folks who haven't bought tickets yet - GET ON IT!!!" -Maria Marasigan, Educator at El Puente in Brooklyn.

"So glad I was finally able to see Universal Self. It is beautifully written and performed. Thank you for such a wonderful reflection of us in the world. I couldnt stop thinking of the importance of your work and your story. I hope many more people will be able to see it. Much love." - Gabriela Fullon, Educator in the Bronx.

"Just watched the amazing and talented Kilusan Bautista perform his one man show: UNIVERSAL SELF-April 2, April 5, April 6 & April 11 @8pm.  Hella inspring and made me miss home so much. Much love to ya, soulo brotha! Fellow NYer's check out his show if you appreciate great theater, spoken word, 90's hip hop, b-boying and storytelling." - Nicole Vee, Solo Performance Artist. 

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