Wednesday, November 26, 2014

US.ep in East New York, Brooklyn

Extremely grateful that the #UNiVERSALself educational program was a success in yet another part of #Brooklyn....East New York! We concluded this semester's series of arts education workshops with a school wide assembly where we danced, sang, read original poems and shared visual art/graffiti work! In a world with so much negativity going around it was sincerely a breath of fresh air. One special moment in particular that stands out is when one of the students, Aaron, felt empowered to sing a John Legend song in dedication to #MikeBrown. The whole class stood up with #BlackLivesMatter and #RIPMikeBrown signs to stand in solidarity. We ended the assembly with an open mic/community town hall where folks were given the opportunity to discuss police brutality, racial profiling and basically providing a safe space for the school to breath!

Check out this dope work created by Emilee aka M.O. from this semester's #UNiVERSALself educational program! Give thanks!

#BlackLivesMatter #BrownLivesMatter #RIPMikeBrown #RIPSeanBell -#UNiVERSALself educational program in East New York, #Brooklyn holding it down!

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