Saturday, June 18, 2016

Post show - TRANSCEND Artist Showcase (6/17/2016)

So much love and movement in this picture! Thank you to Spiritchild XspiritMental - Rosa Bettina - Nejma Shea - Maisha G Rodriguez - Nikki Singleton - Sadarrah Bowe - Cornelia McPherson - Gloria Jassie & Laila - Merowe Nubyahn & Sistar Myrrh. Missing in this photo is Teerapat Parnmongkol - Siriphong Tipayakesorn & Sadah Espii Proctor ||| Thank you so much for sharing your artistic souls at the #TRANSCEND Artist Showcase last night. It was an honor and pure blessing! — with Rosa Bettina, Nejma Shea, Spiritchild XspiritMental, Maisha G Rodriguez, Nikki Singleton, Gloria Jassie, Cornelia McPherson and Merowe Nubyahn at Under St Marks Theatre.

Tickets now on sale at to watch #TRANSCEND 
at the 20th annual New York International Fringe Festival in August of 2016

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