Wednesday, August 3, 2016

TRANSCEND review....

"In front of an energized, standing-room-only audience of Binghamton University students, faculty, and community members, Kilusan Bautista delivered a performance that was inspirational, educational, and intensely captivating. Bautista brilliantly weaved historical references to colonization and revolution with contemporary issues of gentrification and urban poverty, showing how broad political and socio-economic structures personally and deeply impacted his family and identity. The result was a multifaceted show that resonated with every audience member, in a prolific art form that no book or lecture could replicate. Bautista's performance left the Binghamton University community feeling enduringly electrified, informed, and empowered."

Cynthia Marasigan
Assistant Professor, 
Department of Asian and Asian American Studies

***Now booking for the 2016/2017 academic calendar year: 
UNiVERSALself; TRANSCEND & Arts educational workshops.

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