Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dedicated to Muntazer al-Zaidi - Iraqi Reporter

Setting:  At an Iraqi Press Conference with President Bush



(voice over) I wonder why these ass holes won’t call on me to ask a question to President Bush?  Are they afraid I might ask him to resign from his position as President because of all the innocent deaths of Iraqi civilians?


Are they afraid I might be the sole dissenting voice that offers a critical perspective outside of the self-masterbating spectacle known as the subservient foreign relations with Western countries?


I swear to Allah that if they don’t call on me to ask a simple question I’m going to throw both of my shoes at this disgrace of a so-called President!.......I’ve had enough!

(The Reporter gets up, takes off his shoe and is about to throw it at President Bush’s forehead…..FREEZE. Lights dim)



(Speaking to the audience)  I’m about to throw my shoe at President Bush.  He has insulted my country and killed thousands of innocent people.  How can anyone with blood on their hands have the audacity to walk around this Earth with a smile on their face?  Does he not know what he has done?


What would you do if you were within 20 feet of President Bush?  What would you do if you were 20 feet from a person who allowed your brothers and sisters to be murdered?


I cannot play this game any longer!  I am a journalist of the highest degree.  There comes a time when even I must step outside of my role and express my inner most feelings.  I know I will be jailed, beaten, even killed for what I’m about to do.  But maybe my message will spark something in the spirit of resistance against Modern Day Oppression.


(Lights slowly fade to black.  Images of Iraqi reporter throwing the shoe at President Bush flashes in the background.)

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