Thursday, July 23, 2009

Manny Pacquaio

From a work in progress scene I am currently developing.  Music fades in.  Spot Light on kilusan1898-



Let’s get ready to rumble

And fight for the rights of the people

Like Manny Pacquiao

True Filipino, warrior, soldier

Brother of the homeland

Bam Bam, left hand

Did it again

You got knocked the fuck out

By the Pac man


It’s like revolution

In the island

We bring the passion in the ring

Your eyes start to sting 

Your body can’t take

This island pounding


Everyday we’re grinding

Climbing closer to the top

Work our body out

Even if we gotta shout

That’s what’s being a champion

Is all about

Going all out

Pushing the limit

Hand to hand, pound for pound

Fighting spirit


Get knocked down

To get back up

Throw an upper cut

To knock out the corrupt


I fight for the sho-nuff

And that’s wassup

Here’s a knock out punch

It’ll make you tough



Make some noise if you got love for Manny Pacquiao.  It feels good to finally watch mainstream American sports and see a Filipino athlete earn the respect of the world.  No doubt, I’ve even gotten inspired to exercise with boxing techniques.


(He begins to demonstrate some shadow boxing)


Manny Pacquiao is like the Filipino Muhammad Ali.  He brings religion into the ring, always making the sign of the cross before a fight and thanking God for his victories in his speeches.


Its ironic the intersection of sports and religion.  I wonder what Manny would do if he was alive during Spanish colonization in the Philippines and a Spanish priest attempted to rape one of his sisters?



Give me that ass.  Get over here and make your father happy.



Excuse Father, I know that my promoter’s didn’t give me permission to do this and my job as a fighter is to win.  But if you don’t let my sister be in peace I’m going to knock you back to Spain with my vicious left hand.  It’s my power punch you know!



Imagine that shit.  I just wish that more Filipino brothers, politicians and leaders in general stood up for Filipino women today.  I hate how subservient politics makes it legal to prostitute Filipino women especially in the red light districts around American military bases in the Philippines.  


Maybe that’s why I am interested in seeing what kind of political leader Manny Pacquiao will be if he decides to run for office in the near future.  Will he be subservient to the wishes of foreign corporations that just want to prostitute the land and the Filipino people?  Or will Manny be a true People’s champ and not be afraid to stand up against the Philippines worst enemies and knock out greed and self-hatred. 


Imagine his first inauguration speech sounding something like this…..



First I’d like to thank God for giving me this victory.  And I’d like to thank you all for voting me into office.  Its time for Filipinos to take care of Filipinos first and foremost.  We have to work hard just like I worked hard when I prepared for championship fights.  We’re going to get hit by some hard punches and we may feel like giving up, but that is when we must look deep into the Filipino heart and be triumphant.  We can be a great nation if we only love our people so much that we will not allow foreign interest to get in the way of true Filipino nation building.


Imagine that……Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Lights fade out and video images of Manny Pacquiao’s greatest knock outs displayed on the screen)

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