Monday, July 13, 2009

Goddess MC

The very first time she busted a lyrical rhyme 
her mom thought it was a kick
but her hands were bobb'n to the line....
the divine crime before her prime,
she was in the womb with mother moon shine

A Goddess MC before her ABC's
magnetic creativity, thunderous electricity
angel's blew kisses 
to bless this Goddess MC

I know it sounds crazy
describe it as ecstasy,
the umbilical microphone
with speakers from the heart

Being pregnant is the genesis art
and this Goddess MC could rock a crowd from the start
They gathered around the stage
the 9-month round belly phase

She was communicating in the ocean before life
telling Q-tip that she was Phife
and she "grabbed the microphone
and let her words rip"

Magic pouring from her lips,
doctors call it gibberish,
we know it as hip hop-a-lish,
head spinning and crowd surfing

This Goddess MC is a true performance artist
even Jesus danced out of his tomb
chanting, "Oh my Goddess"

Soon the water broke,
lights were flashing everywhere,
they rushed to the hospital,
the beginning of a new career

The lights went dark,
the crowd was screaming more, more, more.....
push, push, push, push..... 
and instantly the lights roared.

The Goddess MC took her first breath of air
and screamed.........................

(All rights reserved. Copyrighted Material. Kilusan1898)

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