Monday, July 13, 2009

Hurt People Entertain the World into 'Humanity'

Rest in Peace Michael 
You deserve the crown
as a musical and entertaining genius

The king of pop, rock and soul
It must get lonely at the top!
If that much greatness & success
has a price, I wonder what I would
do in that same predicament

To be shining in the light
as a young child
Then riding on the wave
of world wide super stardom

The best selling album
of all freak'n time!
You made millions happy
and rich at the same time

So who was looking out for Michael?
Who did he talk to before
undergoing all those plastic surgeries?
Why didn't anyone remind him
that he was beautiful
and that he didn't need to change anything about himself?
Why didn't anyone go out of their way
for Michael to talk about his childhood,
to heal from his childhood
and to simply understand
the pain in his heart?

There is no coincidence why millions
have cried when they felt the heart
of one of Michael's songs,
millions were feeling the pain
in Michael's heart,
the pain that never got healed

People who work to heal others know
that hurt people hurt others!

So if Michael was hurting 
for all these years
and if the mistakes he made
were silent screams for help,
why didn't any of his millions of fans
intervene to help Michael heal himself
before attempting to heal the world.....

"....and make it a better place
for you and for me
and the entire human race.
There are people dying
if you care enough for the living
make it a better place
for you and for me."

Artists attempt to be free
by using their God-given talents
as instruments that release or heal
the deep and dark pain that exists in their heart

Michael dished out album
after platinum album
ever since he was a child

We still packed his concerts
and bought his albums 
during his crazy metamorphosis

Now we mourn the death
of a brave and talented soul

Let us hold ourselves
partially responsible for Michael's passing
or anyone else that passes
who dies with pain in their heart

We loved his music
but we didn't really love the person,
the true man in the mirror

Many a times
we danced our stress away,
while Michael went home
still with an aching heart

Let this pain in our hearts
someday find peace and healing,
so we can stop being entertained
and start entering pain
for our own redemption
and the redemption of those most hurting in this world

I mourn the passing of Michael Jackson
by renewing my commitment
to spreading love and justice
through revolutionary healing

R.I.P. Michael Jackson
Thanks for Everything!

(All Rights Reserved.  Copyrighted Material.  kilusan1898)  

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