Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mic Check......1...2....3.....4......

Syllable criminal, rhyme the impossible

Lyrical ritual, I’m metaphysical

Spiritual mystical, sees the invincible

Writes what is critical, claims what is cultural

Fights the despicable, shysty individual

Cuts the umbilical stories that are biblical

My baby is so wonderful, loving unconditional

My heart stays humble fighting for the people

Nothings accidental written from my pencil

I stay transcendental, California mental

Brooklyn residential, Filipino special

Microphone check yo, love monumental

Microphone check yo, I am universal

Outer space stereo, extraterrestrial

Musical, tribal, art is unstoppable

Let it go, let it flow, crazy supernatural

(All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted Material. kilusan1898)

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