Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pinoy Boxing Renaissance

Opening for Brotha Nonito Donaire aka "The Filipino Flash" at Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada (November 2008).

Flash, crash
island splash
Thunderous punches
that can whoop yo Ass!

We fight in the ring
with people's hopes and dreams
So babies can be proud
and our struggles redeemed

Techniques that speak
an everlasting truth
Filipinos got Boxing
deep in our roots

Lapu Lapu had the answer
for Conquistador cancer
Now American chapter
is misery and laughter

We miss the homeland
so we fight with disaster
For freedom is the prize
for warriors to master

Here's my testimony
I'm cry'n to God
It gets real lonely
when life is hard

We got to find a way
to break through the wall
We got one life to live
so just give it your all

Ain't no time for half-stepp'n
or questioning yourself
Believe in the essence
of ancestral wealth

Hold on to your heart
if your ready for the blues
Babylon is crumbling
cuz we paid our dues

(All rights reserved! Copyright material. Kilusan1898)

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