Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shout Out To Rebel Diaz Arts Collective, Bronx

Some people got million dollar universities to host their performances in….

Some people got family ties in the film or theater industry to get their work produced….

Others got the heart and soul to make something out of nothing….


Many people closed their doors to producing “Universal Filipino” at their establishment because no one knew who I was in NYC but on March 22nd, 2010; June 18th and 20th, 2010, NYC audiences experienced the world premiere of “Universal Filipino” at the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective.   I was even blessed to have folks come out from California, Washington D.C., New Jersey and Connecticut.


"Universal Filipino" was the first theater production and Filipino American themed event to be hosted at the venue.  I wanted to pay direct homage to the birthplace of Hip Hop Culture by organizing my theater production in the Bronx, NY.  Much love and respect goes out to the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective for helping me get my theater production up and running.  One love and Movement........ Kilusan Bautista

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