Monday, January 24, 2011

I am the TRAIN WRITER - Poem

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Yes, Yes, Yes
Without a question or doubt,

I write while riding the trains of New York City
Find me writing on the 7-train to Queens,
writing on the G-train to Brooklyn,
writing on the 4-train to Harlem,
or writing on the 6-train to the Bronx.

Sometimes I'm rocking an I-pod in my ears
but I always have a notebook in my left hand
while a magical pen in my right hand
transports me to the past, present and future....

I write about my life, what I think about
or how I feel about anything
I write about whats important to me
because I'm tired of reading negative,
narrow minded media depictions of the world today!
I write to excite my train riding experience.

I'm sorry yall but many times
people look so miserable on the trains.
I understand, for over 2 years
I use to ride as a former NYC educator.
I was tired, beat up and straight up, I just wanted to go home!

Now, I am blessed to write freely about my life
while riding the MTA...

That's why I'm known as the great TRAIN WRITER!

I love it when people stare at me while I'm writing,
keep looking, it adds to my inspiration.
I hope to inspire millions of other Train Writers world wide!

I am the TRAIN Writer who writes
in the veins of New York City!

I am the Train Writer

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