Monday, January 24, 2011

New Hip Hop Album, "Cool Kid" by Dulcinea Detwah

Introducing Dulcinea Detwah, a Brooklyn based emcee, originally from Detroit, Michigan, is releasing her first EP album entitled, “Cool Kid.”

Produced by Fernando “Royal” Singleton of the Bronx, NY, this hot, new album fuses old school Detroit club music with innovative Hip Hop beats. Dulcinea Detwah masterfully brings a New York City ambiance to the album. She is fun, gritty and fearless with her lyrical skills. Influential sounds of JJ Fade or Mc Lyte come to mind, Dulcinea Detwah will cool the fires between Nikki Minaj and Lil Kim. Dulcinea Detwah’s hot single, “Cool Kid” will definitely get listeners off their feet and shaking their a….. as she explores the adventurous sub groups within New York Cities popular street culture.

“Went to Ivy’s/ Got two degrees/ Eat a vegan diet and drink ice tea’s… cool kid.”

“Live in hipsterville/ where its real chill/ you say its gentrified/ I say take a pill/ I wear black hat/ Got black cats/ sporting white spats/ with suspender slacks/ My accents that of a rich brat/ Don’t talk back/ Just chit-chat…..”

I was highly entertained by the Dulcinea Detwah experience at a Brooklyn performance on Dec 4th, 2010 at the Schermerhorn Theater. She rocked the crowd with a closing performance of “Cool Kid” and on top of that, the Brooklyn Colored Girls Dance Team (BCGDT) filled the stage and got everyone in attendance to move their heads back and forth, left to right, as we all sang, “Cool Kid. Cool Kid. Cool Kid.”

Dulcinea Detwah’s music brings the vogue scene, old school Hip Hop heads and Detroit booty music lovers all together with her new album,”Cool Kid.”

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Or for booking purposes: Photos by Vaughn Browne

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