Friday, July 6, 2012

TOFA-NY Nomination 2012 - Arts & Culture

Two years ago I premiered UNIVERSAL SELF at the Rebel Diaz Art Collective in the Bronx, NY. It has been a blessed experience performing throughout the United States of North America with the sole purpose of building cross cultural unity and empowerment throughout the performance arts. 

Since January 2012 I have developed Universal Self as an elective performance arts course for GED students within the New York City Department of Education, Brooklyn specifically, with current talks of expanding to more sites in the Bronx for the Fall of 2012.

In addition, since I turned my life around at the age of 17 and willingly became a community organizer I haven't looked back since. Like brother Malcolm X asserted, "By any means necessary" I have put in work, paid dues and continue to stay humble on my mission to give back to the community through the performance arts, education and community organizing from California, New York City, the Philippines, Cuba and worldwide.

These are the core reasons why I would like to humbly ask for your vote for the TOFA-NY: Arts & Culture Award. :)

IN ORDER FOR YOUR VOTE TO COUNT....Click on this link and then LIKE the pic. :)

On Oct 27, 2012 - There will be an award ceremony at Carnegie Hall.

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