Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Indiegogo Campaign 2013 - ONWARD TO BROADWAY

The UNiVERSALself Production Team would like to thank all of our Indiegogo campaign contributors that supported us at the 17th annual New York International Fringe Festival.  Your contributions helped us further develop the artistic quality of UNiVERSALself, specifically we were blessed to bring Tony Santa Ana on board to develop our multimedia design.   Each of our 5-nights of performances were special in their own right and we received a tremendous amount of media coverage/press.  We even received a special email from a staff member at The Public Theater who mentioned that they were really impressed with UNiVERSALself.

Like all grassroots efforts, none of these accomplishments would not have been made possible without your financial support/contributions especially to our Indiegogo Campaign entitled "Onward to Broadway!"  Thank you so much from the bottom of our collective hearts & souls!

Shout out: ($10)

Melissa Nievera
Martin Birkett

Peace: ($20)

Karl Reynoso
Gene Cajayon
Dan Hirota
Ronell Reyes
RJ Aquino
Tes Esparrago Lieu
Nina Bautista
Rodney Salinas
Rafael Acevedo
Christine Padilla
James Pimentel
Paolo Escalante
Jon Chin
KJ Matsuo
John Castro
Ray Obispo

Solidarity: ($50)

Jennifer Teeter
Francis Estrada
Mary Ann Santa Ana
Sharlene Durfey
Hiroko Hasegawa
Sheri Avoux
Coleen Santa Ana
MJ Rebulado
Grace Sonia
Jay Julio
Neil Rufino
Rovielle Yamaki

Onward To Broadway: ($100)

Catherine-Noelle Cu
Tricia Caparas

For more information about our Indiegogo Campaign "Onward to Broadway" - please click here!

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