Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Walang Hanggan (Written in Palawan, Philippines - 1999)

Walang Hanggan, I am the rising of a new dawn

You heard me with the Katipunan as an eagle screaming……Kalayaan.

I will never be gone!  I am Walang Hanggan

Everlasting, blasting and decapitating Magelans head

Lapu Lapu forseen many of his brothers and sisters dead

on Spanish galleon slave ships, that whipped 

and hanged Gabriella Silan in 1763

continuing the revolt to set her people free.

More than 3 hundred years of Spanish colonial tears

Writing without fear Dr. Jose Rizal deconstructed the inferior wall

Only to be replaced by the American ball

Using the country as a stall.  After pissing all over the land,

Lending out their dirty hand and stealing what was clean

Stealing our dreams, we thought you were human beings

But through the years we have seen the fleeing of trust into sexual lust

The Americanization of millions of Filipinos education

Political transformation, a puppet government playing the trumpet’s note

The vote was always yours leading to illegal sex tours,

Multinational stores, Bataan and Corrigedor, World War II

The Japanese blues….dam, didn’t our people already pay our dues

Resisting again with farmers tools, I am the Hukbalahap

Telling General Macarther to “Shut the Fuck Up!”

With that “I shall return” germ mentality

Another historical tragedy cuz see the Huks already defeated the Japanese

And established their own government in Central Luzon, FREEZeeeeeeeeeeeeee

History repeats itself for American wealth

History repeats itself for American wealth

President Roxas, to Magsaysay, to Macapagal…all had their cards dealt

Spanked by Uncle Sam’s belt.

Then came the devil’s thunder, under martial law

Constantly breaking jaws, the world saw 

how our broken spirits came together 

to form a new storm called people power. 

Marcos’ last hour

Destroying Imelda’s ivory tower

But still like a disruptive shower from the USA

They stayed with military bases that refuse to go away

Now nightmare’s of the VFA, the Visiting Forces Agreement

Agreement? Agreed by US greed!

That sent me and my peoples to a racist place

We’ve tasted the blood, flowing from Louisiana

To Manong’s and Mexicanos in Delano

Philipp Vera Cruz an unknown hero to the labor movement

Traveling goes the spirit

Doing it again as communities of color defended the International Hotel

Our housing is not for sale! Put me in jail!

Hip Hop and culture is my bail

I’m here to say that the truth shall prevail

I can see the last Barangay ship on sail looking for lost members

All you got to do is remember

And bathala will send you ember during sweet November

But in October, beware of the songs sang by mother aswang

Be strong my brothers and sisters this twister will soon be gone.

We are walang hanggan……

From bathala to the flying ibon

Meeting the katipunan and on….

To Philippine and California farms

The charm of the Filipino

Here comes Bonifacio, Benigno to Melchora Aquino

Let’s all eat tocino and listen to revolutionary lingo

As legendary turntablist spin us to the land of bliss

Kiss your brother. Love your mother and find your lover

Now come with us to cover orbits in time

Now is the time

As powerful and as beautiful as the 8 rays of the sunshine.

(All Rights Reserved. Copyrighted Material.  kilusan1898)

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